“Life it is too short to struggle with something you can learn to manage”

Anxiety has the capacity to change the way you perceive reality.

Yes, it can make you perceive threats and dangers all around, this explains why you out of the blue start living in a constant fear, making you feel there is something wrong with you or that you will not be capable to cope with it.
Do not worry, it is not you, it is your anxiety.
“I know what it is like to be afraid of your own mind and thoughts”

And I also understand how stressful it is to explain what is going on in your head when you do not even understand it yourself.

I have experienced what is to be at war with yourself, and to feel the deepest pain for denying your own feelings to make everyone else comfortable.

My name is Marta, and ten years ago I suffered from high functional anxiety. Right now I am an ICF Life Coach willing to help you control your anxiety before it takes over your life.

They say of me that I am passionate of emotional management because I know that excessive fear to future it is the origin of the anxiety you are feeling.

Are you ready to work hard on your anxiety to overcome it in 30 days so you can enjoy life fully again? 

If the answer is yes, let me present you the methodology TICER


With the 1:1 be spoken methodology to overcome anxiety in 30 days. After TICER you will be able to control your anxious fears, you will come back to feel normal again, and you will learn all the tools that will allow you to overcome your anxiety to be capable to get to who you were.

They already got it.

But one day they were, where you are  now. Here you have their journeys.

A life free of anxiety is as close as a call away

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