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Disconnect & Thrive
July 25th, 6 PM EST

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As an Stress & Anxiety Coach  I empower High-Achieving Women like you 

to manage Stress & Anxiety effectively

to Excel in your Career & Personal Life

without compromising your well-being

anxiety-management-book, anxiety coach

Effective Stress & Anxiety control goes beyond meditation & exercise

While meditation or exercise just offer temporary relief

My evidence-based coaching goes beyond generic solutions

Managing stress & anxiety isn’t just mindfulness – it’s rewiring deep subconscious beliefs, ditching self-sabotage, and mastering new coping skills.
And to truly thrive, you need an expert with tailored tools and techniques to guide you.
As your Stress & Anxiety Coach, I lead you towards peace of mind, refocused energy, and peak performance, restoring your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

Anxiety do's and don'ts
Anxiety relief anxiety management

My mission is 

Equipping you to handle setbacks with resilience and navigate uncertainties with ease, I empower women like you to move from overwhelm to control and achieve a life of joyful fulfillment


♥Equip you with practical tools and strategies:

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and anxious?
Ditch the stress & anxiety toolbox I’ll provide you with – build mental and emotional resilience and tackle challenges with grace and flow.

♥️Teach you to embrace Confidence & Control: 

Break with your uncertainty and self-doubt patterns. To discover your strenghts, set healthy boundaries, and navigate life’s changes with newfound confidence.

Guide you on a personalized journey to fulfillment:

Forget feeling stuck and unfulfilled. Together, we’ll craft a personalized roadmap to your dream life, brimming with meaning and lasting happiness.
Don’t just take my word for it; explore the experiences of my clients.
Witness firsthand the transformations they’ve undergone working with me, a testament to the real impact I can have in guiding individuals like you toward joyful fullfilment.
anxiety coach, anxiety management, stress relief, feeling overwhelmed

Here is what nobody tells you about overcoming Stress & Anxiety 

Real stories of women like you  

From Hamster Wheel to Happy stress & anxiety Coach:

My Burnout story

and how I can guide you to calm

10 years ago  I was knee-deep in a high-pressure job, drowning in Stress and Anxiety. Just like you might be now, I felt overwhelmed, stuck in a cycle of intrussive thoughts, and afraid to ask for help.
I pushed until I hit a wall – burnout, followed by years of High-functioning Anxiety.

That’s when I knew I had to find a different way rather than meditation, yoga or acupuncture. Through specialized help, I discovered tools and strategies that not only helped me heal, but empowered me to thrive.

Now, as a certified ICF Executive & Life Coach who’s been there, I’m passionate about helping women like you break free from the grip of Stress & Anxiety and claim your Well-being.

I understand the unique challenges you face, this is why I don’t offer generic solutions. Instead, I offer a personalized approach grounded in both my personal experience and professional training. Together, we’ll tackle your personal root causes of your stress and anxiety, not just the symptoms, so you can reclaim your power and live a life filled with joy, calm, and fulfillment.

Don’t wait for your breaking point.
You  were made for more than just surviving.


anxiety coach

Struggling with anxiety?

I get it 

 I used to too

It wasn’t just feeling overwhelmed, it controlled my life.

Even the thought of seeking help triggered more anxiety. That’s why I wrote “Untangle Anxiety in 29 Days.”

This book is your first step to understanding your anxiety and stopping it from taking over.

It combines my personal journey with proven strategies, empowering you to break free and reclaim your calm.

This book is not just any book; it’s like a trusted friend who walks with you on the journey to untangle your anxiety.

You can get  it on Amazon


Book untangling anxiety  in 29 days

Coffee, Taurus, & Coach:

Unveiling the Mystery

Just Kidding, It’s Me

♥They tried to ban my coffee?

Must be confusing it with stress dragons.
Good coffee = happy people, happy coach, happy clients.
Let’s break some myths together!

Stubborn like a bull?

Yep, but when it comes to helping you dig deep and reach your goals, that’s a superpower, not a rodeo ride. 😉

Me, Stress & Anxiety Coach?

10 years ago, I’d laugh (nervously).
But here I am, helping women ditch the self-sabotage and soar.
Let’s rewrite your future, shall we?

anxiety coach

Coffee in hand, let’s embark on your personalized growth adventure!

Claim your free consultation

and discover your path to a happier you

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